See yourself sensing

This is a really interesting and bizarre book that Im looking forward on getting my hands on.Hopefully it would be a really helpful tool for my final MA Digital Media Arts dissertation.

“SEE YOURSELF SENSING: REDEFINING HUMAN PERCEPTION is an explosive and timely survey that explores the relationship between design, the body, technology and the senses over the last fifty years. Get ready to say goodbye to unconscious sensing and embrace cyborgs, post-humans, mediated reality and all manner of cutting edge sensory interventions like seeing with your tongue or plugging your nervous system directly into a computer. Astounding experiments with interaction design, cybernetics, neuroscience and art illustrate how we see and sense, and how artistic interpretation can undermine our fundamental perception of the world and ourselves.

The book presents the work of key practitioners in this field, from Rebecca Horn’s mythical wearable structures and Stelarc’s robotic body extensions, to Carsten Höllers’ neurally interactive sculptures, as well as the work of artists who have emerged in the last five years, like Internet sensation Daito Manabe, Hyungkoo Lee and Michael Burton. The book explores projects such as solar-powered contact lenses that augment reality, LED eyelashes and goggles that allow one to communicate with electric fish, all created with the purpose of transforming and provoking the wearer’s sensory experience. Madeline Schwartzman brings together this unique collection of images with provocative chapters and thoughtful descriptions of the concepts informing the work in this book.”

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“Beats of time” installation finished

opening screen

when the character is idle (when there’s no heartbeat detected)

when there’s a heartbeat

scene when the eye is blinking (every 8 seconds)

scene from the alarm mode (when the heart rate exceeds 100bpm)

“Beats of time”, as I have entitled this project, is an interactive installation that consists of a visual projection of an animated illustration of mine which is manipulated by the pulse rate and heartbeat of the participant. “Beats of time” aims to explore the notion of time and its connection with our body and entity by making the participants aware of their own heartbeat, and therefore existence, while simultaneously evoking them to change their perception about time and initiate actions that would take advantage of their remaining life.

By participating in the installation one, incarnates and brings to life an animated peculiar entity that represents his / her own heart. The installation, then is giving constant biofeedback to the viewer with the use of animated visuals, sound and type messages according to the heartbeat its receiving through a sophisticated, well designed, ambient light pulse sensor that is connected to an a microcontroller.

Despite the profound meaning, as explored above, behind “Beats of time”, the installation also aims to be amusing and fun to interact with. The illustrated character has a rather interesting and provocative behaviour: sometimes amusing and sweet, sometimes rough, rude and insulting. This attitude of the character it’s unveiling through a series of type messages written from a first person point of view (as the character it’s a visual representation of one’s heart), and finally appear on the screen, through the character’s mouth, word by word on each heartbeat.

videos to come in the near future

Upcoming Pulse Installation

These are two screen-shots of my upcoming (still in progress) pulse installation……….

The installation will consist of a projection of an interactive illustration of mine which is going to be controlled by the pulse rate and the heart beat of the participant.Pulse data is taken by a Pulse sensor created by Joel Murphy and Yuri Gitman ( which is then connected to an arduino. The visuals are made in Processing and there still in progress.Animated gif files (that are being put together in photoshop and illustrator) are triggered on specific occasions.

The concept of the project is Time and how it is connected with your body and entity…..More information to be posted in the near future.

Processing code , illustrations and idea by me

Splash screen added to my website

Its been a while to post something on my blog …but here it is after a month or so…

Just some updates on my website…Its almost there ….I have recently added a splash screen which was far more difficult in WP that I have expected..In order to do that I had to:

a) Create a flash splash screen in Flash

b)Create a WordPress template (named Splash) with the html code for the flash  embedded in..Also had to add some additional code for what’s happening when the user doesnt have flash or the devise that hes using is not supporting flash ( that was the trickiest part)..So when theres no flash on the machine the user just sees an animated .gif logo of mine.

c)Made a new page in my wordpress using the “Splash” template I created

d)Determine this new page as a static front page

Fortunately I managed to do that and now I have my interactive splash screen !! 🙂

Visit  to have a look

Just finally bought myself the long awaited pulse-sensor. Excited to get my hands on it and finally start to work on my biofeedback installation 🙂

Biofeedback instalations

Recently I have found big interest in the intersections of technology and biology and what can these intersaction can bring to the area of digital art.This topic most probably is going to be my area of research for my MA dissertation.Here are some examples:

Digital Art by Christiane Paul

Just finnish reading “Digital Art” by Christiane Paul
A very interesting book indeed.

Notes after reading:
Christiane explores topics such as:

+Digital Technologies as a tool

Digital imaging,photography and print,sculpture


+Digital Technologies as a Medium

Forms of digital art, installation,examples from Artists such as Rafael Lozano, Erwin Redl (connections between virtual and actual)./*Simulation term: The imitative representation of one system or process by another.* /*”What we experience as space is actually the product of complex mental processes and cyberspace is an extension of consciousness.”by Peter Anders.

Internet Art and nomadic networks,net art, /”remix” of already existing websites./Discussing  projects that allow us to experience the network in a way that is radically different from the one provided by preconfigured and corporate portals./Multi-user enviroments/*avatar term:Originates from Hinduism and mean descent ,most commonly the descent of a deity to Earth in an incarnate form./software art/virtual and augmented reality/sound and music installations.


+Themes in digital art

p140-145  Connections between Digital art and the evolution theory/ai and intelligent agents/Intelligent agent term:Software programs that automatically filter and customize information for us.example: if u like this then u might like this…/Data -surveillance (dataveillance)/Telepresence or Telematics: “Network digital technologies have already created new forms of a man-machine interaction by enabling us to have a shared presence in different context, to directly establish connections between remote locations or interact with remote environments.”/p154-164  Telecommunication installations/Controlling an installation through a website

databases,data visualization and mapping/digital mapping:” As opposed to a traditional map, which is based on a relatively static terrain and meant to assist its users in navigating it , a map of any kind of digital information is by nature in constant flux.A digital map has to respond constantly to changes in the data it represents.”/Projects that take live financial or stock market data as their source/text and narrative environments, hypertext/gaming

Tactical media,activism,hactivism/technologies of the future/mobile and locative media/social networking