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Splash screen added to my website

Its been a while to post something on my blog …but here it is after a month or so…

Just some updates on my website…Its almost there ….I have recently added a splash screen which was far more difficult in WP that I have expected..In order to do that I had to:

a) Create a flash splash screen in Flash

b)Create a WordPress template (named Splash) with the html code for the flash  embedded in..Also had to add some additional code for what’s happening when the user doesnt have flash or the devise that hes using is not supporting flash ( that was the trickiest part)..So when theres no flash on the machine the user just sees an animated .gif logo of mine.

c)Made a new page in my wordpress using the “Splash” template I created

d)Determine this new page as a static front page

Fortunately I managed to do that and now I have my interactive splash screen !! 🙂

Visit  to have a look