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Face Visualiser – Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe is not your everyday artist..By using his own body he creates unconventional artistic installations and performances.This video is from a live performance at NoiseLab ( part of AND Festival in Manchester 2010)

  • 16 electrodes are manipulating  the facial muscles ( according to the music played


“Beats of time” installation finished

opening screen

when the character is idle (when there’s no heartbeat detected)

when there’s a heartbeat

scene when the eye is blinking (every 8 seconds)

scene from the alarm mode (when the heart rate exceeds 100bpm)

“Beats of time”, as I have entitled this project, is an interactive installation that consists of a visual projection of an animated illustration of mine which is manipulated by the pulse rate and heartbeat of the participant. “Beats of time” aims to explore the notion of time and its connection with our body and entity by making the participants aware of their own heartbeat, and therefore existence, while simultaneously evoking them to change their perception about time and initiate actions that would take advantage of their remaining life.

By participating in the installation one, incarnates and brings to life an animated peculiar entity that represents his / her own heart. The installation, then is giving constant biofeedback to the viewer with the use of animated visuals, sound and type messages according to the heartbeat its receiving through a sophisticated, well designed, ambient light pulse sensor that is connected to an a microcontroller.

Despite the profound meaning, as explored above, behind “Beats of time”, the installation also aims to be amusing and fun to interact with. The illustrated character has a rather interesting and provocative behaviour: sometimes amusing and sweet, sometimes rough, rude and insulting. This attitude of the character it’s unveiling through a series of type messages written from a first person point of view (as the character it’s a visual representation of one’s heart), and finally appear on the screen, through the character’s mouth, word by word on each heartbeat.

videos to come in the near future

Upcoming Pulse Installation

These are two screen-shots of my upcoming (still in progress) pulse installation……….

The installation will consist of a projection of an interactive illustration of mine which is going to be controlled by the pulse rate and the heart beat of the participant.Pulse data is taken by a Pulse sensor created by Joel Murphy and Yuri Gitman ( which is then connected to an arduino. The visuals are made in Processing and there still in progress.Animated gif files (that are being put together in photoshop and illustrator) are triggered on specific occasions.

The concept of the project is Time and how it is connected with your body and entity…..More information to be posted in the near future.

Processing code , illustrations and idea by me

Biofeedback instalations

Recently I have found big interest in the intersections of technology and biology and what can these intersaction can bring to the area of digital art.This topic most probably is going to be my area of research for my MA dissertation.Here are some examples: