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Digital Art by Christiane Paul

Just finnish reading “Digital Art” by Christiane Paul
A very interesting book indeed.

Notes after reading:
Christiane explores topics such as:

+Digital Technologies as a tool

Digital imaging,photography and print,sculpture


+Digital Technologies as a Medium

Forms of digital art, installation,examples from Artists such as Rafael Lozano, Erwin Redl (connections between virtual and actual)./*Simulation term: The imitative representation of one system or process by another.* /*”What we experience as space is actually the product of complex mental processes and cyberspace is an extension of consciousness.”by Peter Anders.

Internet Art and nomadic networks,net art, /”remix” of already existing websites./Discussing  projects that allow us to experience the network in a way that is radically different from the one provided by preconfigured and corporate portals./Multi-user enviroments/*avatar term:Originates from Hinduism and mean descent ,most commonly the descent of a deity to Earth in an incarnate form./software art/virtual and augmented reality/sound and music installations.


+Themes in digital art

p140-145  Connections between Digital art and the evolution theory/ai and intelligent agents/Intelligent agent term:Software programs that automatically filter and customize information for us.example: if u like this then u might like this…/Data -surveillance (dataveillance)/Telepresence or Telematics: “Network digital technologies have already created new forms of a man-machine interaction by enabling us to have a shared presence in different context, to directly establish connections between remote locations or interact with remote environments.”/p154-164  Telecommunication installations/Controlling an installation through a website

databases,data visualization and mapping/digital mapping:” As opposed to a traditional map, which is based on a relatively static terrain and meant to assist its users in navigating it , a map of any kind of digital information is by nature in constant flux.A digital map has to respond constantly to changes in the data it represents.”/Projects that take live financial or stock market data as their source/text and narrative environments, hypertext/gaming

Tactical media,activism,hactivism/technologies of the future/mobile and locative media/social networking