Final Project Progress

17/03/12  -Got T31 Polar belt and HRMI (heart rate module interface)  , manage to make both to communicate with each other, soldered appropriate jumbers.

18/03/12  -Mange to create an algorythm to find the time between heart-beats (in ms)

Algorythm:X= (float)BPM/(float)60


19/03/12   -Able to transfer 2 signals into processing. a)Average BPM, b)A beat signal

20/03/12  -Xbee wireless kit arrived.Everything connected wirelessly

21/03/12  – Manage to get reading form temperature sensor.Able to trnasmit temperature, heart-rate and beat into Processing.Problem to fix.If the last 10 readings are the same –return 0.

Found better algorythm: TimeBetweenBeats=(1000/((float)HeartRate/60))

23/03/12  -All signals are stable.


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