See yourself sensing – “Reframers” Notes

 *these are simply notes (my interpretation) on the Reframers section of the stunning book See yourself sensing, Redefining human perception by Madeline Schwartzman

*all “quotations” are taken from the actual book.


Installations that change the foundations of our senses –“dispense with the everyday and create mind-bending shifts in function, utility or outlook”

• Asking questions such as: ”Are we at the helm of our own body? Do we move of our own free will? Are our senses reliable? What is the difference between I and you?”(p13)

• Makes a point about sensing something yourself by watching something or someone in pain.

“Patients who have experienced damage to the right parietal lobe, one of the areas responsible for our body image, experience themselves as having a doppelganger, or phantom twin.” ( p12)

Marcel Li Antunez Roca in one installation(see Epizoo) gives control of his own body to someone else.(p14)

Ann Hamilton– Sense reframer! (Toothpick suit, Face to Face images, the lids of unknown positions, she usually “..use of one part of the body for an extraordinary or unusual purpose, or to replace another body part.”(p16)

Olafur Eliasson , usually makes large scale installations that “reframe” the senses ( see his installations The weather project, Green River, Double Sunset p20-21)

• Exploring installations from artists such as:

Hyungkoo Lee (incorporated magnifying lenses on helmets)

Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi (Face Visualizer, manipulating face muscles by the use of electrodes that sent signals according to a music track)

Atsuko Tanaka (light costume)

Erik Hobijn (setting fire to his body)

Carsten Holler ( upside down mushroom room, test site, upside down glasses)

Tim Hawkinson (Emoter, an image of the artist face ; motors move specific elements of the face to construct expressions that the actual human face cannot create)

Lucy and Bart (hook and eyes, Germination, Day one and day eight (grass suit) )

Rebecca Horn (Pensil mask, human extensions and prosthetics)

Janine Antoni (She “..wanted to know the taste of his vision” (p48)in Mortal and Pastle)

Ene-Liss Semper (Oasis, converting her mouth to a flower pot, the end of one thing and the beginning of another)

X-sense, Arijana Kajfes (synaesthesia, converting one sense to another)

Alfons Schilling (installations with optics, vision)

Allan Wexler (“..rethinks and reproduces the stuff of everyday life to yield poignant outcomes..”,(p56) Coffee seeks its own level, Wall ( I want to become architecture))

Ann Hamilton, Untitled (body object series) #5-bushead


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