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Digital Art by Christiane Paul

Just finnish reading “Digital Art” by Christiane Paul
A very interesting book indeed.

Notes after reading:
Christiane explores topics such as:

+Digital Technologies as a tool

Digital imaging,photography and print,sculpture


+Digital Technologies as a Medium

Forms of digital art, installation,examples from Artists such as Rafael Lozano, Erwin Redl (connections between virtual and actual)./*Simulation term: The imitative representation of one system or process by another.* /*”What we experience as space is actually the product of complex mental processes and cyberspace is an extension of consciousness.”by Peter Anders.

Internet Art and nomadic networks,net art, /”remix” of already existing websites./Discussing  projects that allow us to experience the network in a way that is radically different from the one provided by preconfigured and corporate portals./Multi-user enviroments/*avatar term:Originates from Hinduism and mean descent ,most commonly the descent of a deity to Earth in an incarnate form./software art/virtual and augmented reality/sound and music installations.


+Themes in digital art

p140-145  Connections between Digital art and the evolution theory/ai and intelligent agents/Intelligent agent term:Software programs that automatically filter and customize information for us.example: if u like this then u might like this…/Data -surveillance (dataveillance)/Telepresence or Telematics: “Network digital technologies have already created new forms of a man-machine interaction by enabling us to have a shared presence in different context, to directly establish connections between remote locations or interact with remote environments.”/p154-164  Telecommunication installations/Controlling an installation through a website

databases,data visualization and mapping/digital mapping:” As opposed to a traditional map, which is based on a relatively static terrain and meant to assist its users in navigating it , a map of any kind of digital information is by nature in constant flux.A digital map has to respond constantly to changes in the data it represents.”/Projects that take live financial or stock market data as their source/text and narrative environments, hypertext/gaming

Tactical media,activism,hactivism/technologies of the future/mobile and locative media/social networking



Just got my self an arduino uno.Let the fun begin 🙂

Messing around with MAX MSP

A simple application I made in MAX MSP that controls the frames of a video and outputs the number of the frame shown each time

My new WordPress website

Just created my first WordPress website (not a blog).

It was a bit tricky I have to admit but I finally did it. A colleague of mine (Carlos)  gave me hosting space for my website (thx for that m8 🙂 ).So I have uploaded  all the files of WordPress and then I had to create a MySQL database through the Cpanel of Carlos server.After doing that I had to create a wp-config.php file, including the details of my database, which was the most difficult part of the whole process. So anyway I managed to do the whole thing in an hour.The only thing left now its to develop my wordpress webpage.Long hours await me in front of a screen :S






Amazing installation- Interactive landscape ‘Dune 4.2’

Dune 4.2 is a new, permanent interactive landscape by artist Daan Roosegaarde besides the river Maas in Rotterdam, NL. This public artwork of 60 meters utilizes less than 60 Watts while intuitively interacting with the behavior of its visitors; rendering it a sustainable as well as cutting-edge concept.

Here the people of Rotterdam have a daily ‘walk of light’; in this collective experience between humans, technology and landscape.

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