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“Corridor” by Craig kalpakjian 1995


Something really interesting  I have found while reading Digital Art by Christiane Paul.A purely computer generated animation of a corridor which even though its completely artificial it looks amazingly realistic. 

Kalpakjian makes unreal beauty out of real banality. His subject matter is the dumb, ordinary, and usually unnoticed world of office interiors.


In Corridor we find ourselves traveling down an endless hall that is slightly curved, evenly lit, and without a clear end. Only fire alarms and lighting fixtures measure our progress from and to nowhere.


Of course, such perfection is not really possible; Kalpakjian’s environments exist solely on the computer. Every detail of Corridor, from the texture of the paint to the slight reflections on each surface, is the result of programming, not the hammering of nails or the wielding of a paintbrush. Kalpakjian thus reveals the complete artificiality of the built environments we inhabit, and their aesthetic distance from more humanistic forms.”

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art



ASCII code (American Standard Code for information Interchange)

Apparently you can convert an image (*jpg file) into ASCII code by opening the *jpg file in to a text editor ( like Notepad in Windows ) with some interesting visual outcome….after opening the image in notepad

original image (image by Juan F. Leguizamon taken from



Interesting books

These are two books that I’m reading at the moment..quite interesting material

1.Internet Art by Rachel Greene

2.Digital Art by Christiane Paul


This is one of the most original concepts

Biophilia is the new  “app album” of  bjork.The first app album ever created.

“After fifteen months of development, and three months of teasing, Björk’s full Biophilia App Albumis now available in the iTunes App Store – the world’s first App Album. Enjoy the six new apps: Thunderbolt, Sacrifice, Mutual Core, Hollow, Solstice, and Dark Matter, as well as the already-released Virus, Moon, and Crystalline. ” taken from Scott Snibbe’s blog

For more information visit:

First post :) One of the best website design I have found recently

Bjork’s website is just astonishing designed by   ” m/m (paris)”

Still trying to figure out what’s used to design the website.Defenetly not flash.I will reckon, javascript WebGL